А. Т. (lysenkoism) wrote,
А. Т.

Ukrainian FAKE, promoted by "Financial Times"

208.08.2014 "Financial Times" published a story called <<Photos and roses for GRU's 'spetsnaz' casualties: the memorial that points to Russia's tactics in Ukraine>>.

This article claims (totally false) that some "source"" tells the author about the recent burial of 12 russian spetsnaz operatives, killed in Ukraine in "recent weeks".

The author, Sam Jones, in article named "PHOTOS AND ROSES" doesn't show any photos(!!!), but tells us in words:

<<12 portraits in identical tortoiseshell frames stand on a metal bench placed on a dais. In front of each picture is a bunch of six roses, red and pink. The dead, according to a source who showed the Financial Times photographs of last month’s quiet memorial – an individual with intimate knowledge of the Kremlin’s intelligence community – were operatives of Russian special forces. All 12 died in Ukraine in recent weeks. Officially, they were all on holiday.>>

The particular wording leaves no doubt, that we have here. It's a description of civil funeral rites for the volunteers killed on 26.05 in Donetsk, which took place in Moscow 40 days after their death.

The ukrainian propaganda spreads the lie about these funeral rites - claiming that the dead were "russian spetsnaz operatives, who were officially on holiday". It's a pure lie.

That ukrainian fake (ukrofake in short) have been disproved.

So it's strongly seems that now "Financial Times" do spreadss disproved ukrainian fake as an exclusive information from secret "source"...

Tags: fake, financial times, ukraine

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